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Laura Smetana, Author and Illustrator

Laura Smetana has fond memories of enjoying ice cream with her son and his grandpa, Laura’s dad. Her latest book, Ice Cream with Grandpa: A Loving Story for Kids About Alzheimer’s & Dementia, was inspired by their relationship, before and after her dad developed Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. Laura has three generations of ice cream scoopers in her home—one from her grandpa, one from her dad, and one she got with her family in France. Each one brings back sweet memories with loved ones.


Laura co-authored her debut children’s book, Little Squiggle’s Lake Adventure, with her son, Stirling Hebda. In the fifth grade, Laura created a book about a giraffe named Little Squiggle. After reading it to her son Stirling for bedtime, he said, "We should bring Little Squiggle back, Mom!" And that's what they did. She lives with her family in the Chicago suburbs, where she is happily at work on several new books for kids. Stay tuned for her new book My Love for You is Like a Garden, coming out in Spring 2023.

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